Daytonians of the Week: Josh Stucky and Brent Johnson

6:00 a.m. Wednesday, July 6, 2016 What To Love
Josh Stucky and Brent Johnson of Dayton co-own Square One Salon and Agnes & Orson Gift Shop.  They are Daytonians of the Week  (Photo submitted by Brent Johnson) 

It is hard to think about Joshua Stucky without thinking about Brent Johnson.

The dynamic duo founded and sold Therapy Cafe and built an empire that now includes seven Square One Salon locations.

The Dayton couple of more than 25 years also co-owns the retail shop Agnes & Orson and are members of the Rubi Girls, a Dayton-based comedy drag troupe that has raised more than a $1 million for gay causes and AIDS and HIV in its 30-year history.

Josh Stucky and Brent Johnson, Daytonians of the Week

BRENT:  If I could change anything about Dayton, it would be our low self-esteem. My friends that visit from across the country are amazed at the variety of arts, parks, architecture and restaurant choices we have at such a low cost of living and so quickly accessible by car etc...

 BRENT:  I think Dayton is going to be the envy of all in 10-15 years, with awesome housing options, activity along the river, low cost of living, great colleges with walk-ability between neighborhoods and entertainment.

Josh Stucky and Brent Johnson, Daytonians of the Week

BRENT: My favorite spot is Woodland Cemetery. I love the history, the green space and the architecture of the monuments. Such a beautiful place year-round to see a great view of the city.

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