Yellow Springs Street Fair: 4 beers you must try

  • Jim Ingram
2:14 p.m Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016 Homepage
Yellow Springs Brewery’s tasting room. JIM WITMER/STAFF

There is always a wide variety of tasty foods available at the Yellow Springs Street Fair. But once I fill my stomach, my attention turns to the beers available. Here are four beers served at the street fair you should try: 

Yellow Springs Brewery understandably has an interest in the street fair. So it’s no surprise it will be highly visible. Captain Stardust is more than just a flashy name. The saison is light in color and won’t weigh heavy in your stomach atop all that food. The 6.5 percent ABV beverage is refreshing and holds favorable ratings with beer drinkers on both Beer Advocate and Untapped. 

Jim Witmer, Contributing Photographer
Brewmaster Jeffrey McElfresh didn’t hesitate when asked: “Our signature beer is Captain Stardust Saison. It was in the lineup of first beers when Yellow Springs Brewery opened our doors in 2013 and quickly became the best-seller, holding that title to this day. The unique harmony of simplicity and grace make saison a style that stands the test of time here at the brewery.” JIM WITMER/CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER

Though not as popular with yours truly, this American Pale Ale has a lot of fans in craft brew circles. Brewed with Citra hops and English malts, this 5.2 percent ABV has a dry finish. 

If you’re a fan of darker beers, this American Brown Ale will be to your liking. One reviewer described it as, “Very rich in roasted malt with come chocolate and coffee notes.” The 5.5 percent ABV beverage also offers hints of molasses and caramel. 

It can’t be all about one brewery, right? It’s not. In a time when everyone and their dog has an Oktoberfest beer, Leinenkugel’s is one of the better-rated offerings. In terms of alcohol by volume, it’s the lightest (5.1) of this list. But its crisp amber color and smooth taste are perfect for a fall stroll. Some craft beer folk dis this beer for its association with Miller. Don’t be a label snob, gang. Enjoy the beer for what it is.

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