Once, Oakwood was a disappointing failure of a town 

10:12 a.m. Thursday, April 6, 2017 History

When thoughts turn to Oakwood, images of well-manicured lawns and beautiful, historic homes come to mind. 

That might be true today, but the suburb to the south of Dayton wasn’t always that way.  

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“When Oakwood was founded in 1872, it was a failure,” said Harrison Gowdy, a local historian and volunteer for the Dayton History and the Oakwood Historical Society.

>> WATCH THE VIDEO above to hear Gowdy break down Oakwood’s despaired past, and how the city turned the corner. She holds a degree in historical preservation from Middle Tennessee State University.

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Dayton History and Oakwood Historical Society will present the Wright at Home tour noon to 5 p.m Sunday April 23. The walking tour of the Wrights’ old neighborhood includes information about their famous and not-so-famous neighbors.

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Want to go? Adult tickets are $15 in advance or $20 the day of the tour, which includes a visit to Hawthorn Hill, the grand mansion at 901 Harman Ave. that Orville Wright and his sister Katharine Wright called home. Admission is $5 for children.

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For more information, visit 937-293-2841 or visit daytonhistory.org.

Parking will be available nearby at the Oakwood Municipal Lot and along Park Avenue. 

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Hawthorn Hill to be showcased during "Wright at Home" April 23 presented by Dayton History and Oakwood Historical Society. Video by Amelia Robinson.