How Five Rivers MetroParks does green


How Five Rivers MetroParks does green

Five Rivers MetroParks talks the talk and walks the walk.

They’re certified green from the Dayton Regional Green initiative.

The Green Business Certification Program reduces environmental impact by helping identify cost-saving measures through energy efficiency, waste reduction, product selection and program incentives.

MetroParks green waste is recycled internally. Instead of going to a landfill, it’s composted, and the finished product is used for new garden beds and plants. Manure is donated from Carriage Hill’s riding facility to those who wish to use it in gardens and flower beds.

Want to get your hands dirty alongside of a guru in the field? You’re in luck.

“We offer programs year round at many of the parks,” said Tim Pritchard, Green Practices Program Coordinator for the parks.

Are you a home ecologist, or interested in becoming one? Here are some tips and tricks from various websites to help you start or improve your "go green" efforts.

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