Zima is officially back (and not just in Dayton) 


Zima is officially back (and not just in Dayton) 

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  • Zima is back, and not just in Dayton.
  • Grab your Jolly Ranchers -- Zima is back from the dead.

If you were excited for Zima to come back to Dayton, we have even MORE good news for you. 

The clear malt beverage was all the rage in the 90’s will officially be hitting shelves nationwide for the first time since its discontinuation in ’08. 

Miller Coors announced the return of Zima in a Facebook post on June 1, but it’s only for a limited time. 

You can already purchase limited edition six-packs at Walmart stores starting this week, according to Thrillist. (Pro Tip: don’t forget to snag some Jolly Ranchers while you’re there. It’ll give your Zima a citrus-y zing!)

Zima is set to hit even more stores this Fourth of July weekend, because what is more American than Zima?! 

Go forth and live out your ’90’s nostalgia! 

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