Gender reveal parties: What are they?


Gender reveal parties: What are they?

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Cakes can be used to reveal a baby’s sex at a gender reveal party.

Most people know and understand what a “baby shower” is for expecting parents. Lots of silly, baby-related games are played, while friends and family members provide gifts for the eventual newest member of the family.

In the past decade or so, a different type of party is now being associated with pregnancies: gender reveals.

After learning of the gender themselves — sometimes even the father being left in the dark — the expectant parents invite family and friends to a party where they reveal the baby’s gender.

Gender reveal parties can feel a lot like baby showers — minus the gifts. There are usually games where attendees guess the baby’s gender before the big moment.

Often times, there’s a cake (or cupcakes) that, when bitten into, reveals the gender dictated by the color of the icing (blue for a boy, pink for a girl).

A quick search of the Internet reveals numerous other ways to reveal the baby’s gender with confetti, balloons and other creative methods.

Videos of the big reveal are often shared by families on social media.

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