#TBT: The Dayton flood of 1913


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#TBT: The Dayton flood of 1913

Even 102 years later, the flood that nearly washed away the Miami Valley has the city of Dayton talking.

The devastating superstorm that hit in March of 1913 left Daytonians stranded in floodwaters nearly 20 feet deep, with damaged power lines, dangerous chemicals and numerous foundations floating throughout the downtown area.

As the city awaited help, stranded citizens were left with no food, heat or electricity -- and in some cases, nowhere to go. John. H. Patterson stepped up and called an emergency meeting to collect all the necessities to help those survive with the help of NCR. Within an instant, the company became Dayton’s flood-relief headquarters.

After several days of treacherous rain, the city mourned the loss of hundreds, and feared the challenge of rebuilding. To prevent such a disaster from recurring, the communities around Dayton hired the Morgan Engineering Company of Memphis to help design a system of dams and levees.

Thanks to quick thinking from Patterson, NCR and engineer Arthur Morgan, Dayton has been above water since.

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