‘Drinkable sunscreen’ prompts lawsuit 


‘Drinkable sunscreen’ prompts lawsuit 

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A young woman places sunscreen on her friend while they sunbath on the beach. (Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images)

If you’re looking to buy drinkable sunscreen, you may want to think twice.

According to Radio Iowa, the Attorney General of Iowa is filing a lawsuit against a Colorado-based company that claims to have invented the world’s first drinkable sunscreen.

The company admits that the only ingredient in their product is water, but claims that the water imprints radio waves, which gives it special properties, according to Radio Iowa.

The lawsuit, filed against Osmosis LLC, Harmonized Water LLC and owner Benjamin Taylor Johnson, claims that the “company failed to adequately test its drinkable sunscreen,” Assistant Attorney General Steve St. Clair told Radio Iowa.

The state is seeking restitution for anyone who spent money on the product, which is selling for $30 to $40.

The state has asked the court to prevent the company from selling their products in Iowa.

Read more at Radio Iowa.

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