We had a double-helping of this food truck for breakfast, and we’re still talking about it


We had a double-helping of this food truck for breakfast, and we’re still talking about it

Excuse our French. or should we say, French toast. But son of a biscuit, did we have a tasty breakfast! And we need to tell you about it. 

We spotted the retro-styled blond and baby blue food truck in Dayton this morning, and our rumbling appetites were almost louder than Son Of a Biscuit’s engine. 

After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when it’s this satisfying. So a double order later, and our breakfast cravings were fixed. Here’s what we recommend ordering the next time you spot Dayton’s favorite breakfast buggy.

Sausage gravy & biscuits

Sarah Franks

We admit, presentation was not what sold us on this dish. However, a breakfast staple like biscuits and gravy doesn’t need the pizzazz factor — its delicious, fill-you-up all morning long reputation is enough to keep us coming back. 

Son Of a Biscuit chose its name wisely. The biscuits were the perfect combination of soft, buttery and flaky, while still having a dense consistency to each bite.

Sarah Franks

The biscuits were good enough to be served on their own, but the almost-smoky sausage gravy smothered on top made this order one we’ll still be thinking about come dinner time.

Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich 

Sarah Franks

This sandwich isn’t meant for someone who doesn’t want to truly chow-down on a hearty, filling breakfast in the morning.

The picture says it all: ooey-gooey cheese held together the extra-thick bacon and egg duo between a fresh English muffin. 

SOB uses only organic eggs, according to their Facebook page, and the food truck gets all its sausage and bacon from Landes Fresh Meats in Clayton.

These were our favorites, but we encourage you to decide for yourself which SOB breakfast is the best. The menu also features loaded and plain hashbrowns, French toast bites and omelettes. 

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