Two frightening new haunted attractions opening this weekend


Two frightening new haunted attractions opening this weekend

A local attraction is offering up two new nightmare-inducing haunted experiences. 

Renaissance Park Event Center, the home of the Ohio Renaissance Festival, will add the Brimstone Haunted Hayride and the Forgotten Forest starting Friday, Sept. 22.

The attractions are operated by Brimstone Haunt and will runs Friday and Saturday nights through Oct. 28 at 472 Brimstone Road in Waynesville.  

Admission is $13 a person for the hayride; $10 for the forest and $20 for a both.  The ticket office opens at 7 p.m., and lines will begin to move around dusk. The ticket office closes at midnight.

The Forgotten Forest is high intensity. It is a quarter mile walking path that usually takes about 20 minutes to walk through. The Haunted Hayride is more family friendly with a lower scare factor (but you’ll still be spooked). It takes about 25 minutes to ride through.


😱 The fiendish tale of the Brimstone Kingdom will be told during the haunted hayride. 

As legend (and a press release) have it, the once beautiful and prosperous kingdom was cursed. 

“Now monsters, evil spirits, and various other horrors have thrown the land into chaos,” according to the press release. 

😱 The mysterious Forgotten Forest is billed as a places where only the brave venture. 

“ Many people have gone searching for answers to the unnatural events that occur in and around the forest but none have ever returned,” the press release says. 

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