Garth Brooks has tearful plea to other music artists

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Surprising Facts about Garth Brooks

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

We are seeing an outpouring of love from country artists to fans, artists and cities. One artist, Garth Brooks, had a message for other artists who may be a little worried about taking the stage again in the near future. I mean it’s a scary thing! But Garth has a GREAT message for everyone…

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“We saw a lot of bad things. What I saw was a lot of courage. I saw a lot of love. Can’t thank the men and women in blue enough. Can’t thank the firefighters, EMTs, hospital staff, SWAT teams, everybody … and the volunteers,” Brooks said. “I’m very proud of how the audience handled itself. People were laying down on people to protect them. Just ... character flows through country music. All our love to the victims and the victims’ families. All our love to the bands and crews.”

Then Garth decided to challenge his fellow artists and friends…

“We don’t have a gig until Thursday in Indianapolis. We’re gonna get a second to digest this. I can’t imagine the people, the artists that have gigs tonight. And I know you’re probably wondering what to do. Here’s my advice. The show must go on. It just does,” Brooks said. “All things good start with you. If you believe it, start it up. I’ll be the first.”

Garth then sang “The Change,” a touching ballad he first released in 1996 in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing.

The link to the Facebook Live video can be found here.

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