Being Impactful with Small Changes

I came across a pretty powerful quote the other day that has really resonated with me The quote is from Martin Luther King Jr. and he said, “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” Every time I read this, a new perspective comes into my mind.

I look at some current leaders in our Dayton community and they embody this quote beautifully. People think to become noticed or start getting traction in the Dayton region, you need to do a huge public display of some sort, whether it be through a large monetary donation or something that will etch your name in the history books FOR-EV-VER (insert the voice of Squints from the movie The Sandlot). In my opinion, this is not and should not be the case. So how do you start being impactful in a community that you love and hold dear to your heart?

Pro Tip #2 - The smallest changes often are the most impactful

So what does this mean? A common example I give is a minor tweak. A lot of people can be affected by hearing or seeing something emotionally presented by a close friend or confidant. Take the perspective of Dayton.  For a while (and sometimes currently) people saw Dayton as a terrible city. When a friend of mine moved from North Carolina she said one of the first greetings she got was, “Why would you move from North Carolina to Dayton?!?!” If that person would have said something along the lines of “Welcome to Dayton!” the viewpoint is instantly changed from negative to positive. A small tweak in a person’s vernacular could be the difference in a lifetime or short-time Daytonian.

Within this blog series I am going to share with you tips on how to get more involved and at different levels. Some items may be larger projects while others might seem smaller. Just keep in mind the quote from MLK. The fact that you are taking a step to get involved, even a small one, deserves a standing ovation in and of itself.

We all do meaningful things every day. What are some examples of how you impact the Dayton Region for the betterment of the community or its citizens? What might be a small change that you have recently done that is impactful?

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