5 drinks in Dayton to get you to the weekend

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”?

I feel like I am usually the one saying this phrase to co-workers and friends, being that red devil on their shoulder, whispering sweet temptations such as “Coronarita," “Jager Bombs," and “Fiiiiiiiiiiiiireball."


Who doesn’t enjoy a good post work cocktail to wrap up the hard day's work that you just piped into your company’s well being? For me, I am happy to saddle up to a barstool at my local watering hole with a Double Belle of Dayton Vodka on the rocks with a lemon.  For those who do not know and want to become better friends, commit the drink to memory.

Here is my list of the five drinks to help cap each day off and get you one step closer to that oh-so-coveted Netflix binge-a-thon you so desperately need.


Do you have a case of the Mondays that cannot be quenched? Do you constantly hear the song “Tequila” by The Champs in the back of your head?

Then today is your day, and the only cure is the oh-so-delicious Tequila Sunrise. The main alcohol is of course Tequila, combined with orange juice and grenadine syrup.  Head to the Tumbleweed, order, then head upstairs and people watch the night away.


You survived another Monday, and I got three words for you: “Treat. Yo. Self!"

Instead of going up on a Tuesday, turn it up by popping a bottle of champagne. You deserve it, and it will only make your week that much better. Take it from Robin Leach and have "champagne wishes and caviar dreams.” To fulfill that champagne wish, head on over to Toxic Brew Company. You have to time it just right because they are not always fully stocked, but you can grab a bottle of champagne for roughly $20.


Bon Jovi said it best, “OOOOOOOOOOOH OH, WE’RE HALFWAY THERE!" The only thing that keeps flashing in my head is the Geico Camel going up to everyone in his office asking them to guess what day it is.

I am usually getting pretty cranky by Wednesday and I am whining, whining big time to any and everyone who will listen. That's why I like to pull out he biggest Red Wine glass you can find and drown out about a half liter from that bottle. Location of choice: Deaf Monty’s. A beautiful house tucked away in the Oregon District across the street from Thai 9 and behind Salar. Don’t blink or you will miss it. The atmosphere and snacks there are Winederful (see what I did there?).


Who's thirsty? Because today is the day to quench it.

Thursday, or as I call it Friday Eve, is a day of preparation. Listen, you are one day away from your goal of the weekend, and you do not want to go overboard with premature consumption. Trust me, I know and I have learned the hard way. Take a blast from the past and make your way down to The Century Bar and order yourself a well deserved Old Fashioned.


That's it! You have survived another long week. You put in the hours, built synergy within your company, dialed into conference after conference call to show them you are a team player. Teamwork makes the dreamwork, and hope is not a plan.

4:30 p.m. hits, and that Friday doctor’s appointment that you scheduled with Dr. Daniels, Dr. Beam, Dr. Walker and Dr. Jameson is calling your name. That is right, a Four Horsemen: equal parts Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker and Jameson, this is one drink you will not forget. Go to the Dublin Pub, grab a cigar and head to the rooftop to cap this week off.

What drink gets you through the week and where do you like to have it?

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