10 of my favorite chalkboard signs from Heart Mercantile

Marketing and advertising are fundamental cornerstones of any business. Why does a person buy Pepsi compared to Coke? McDonald's or Burger King? Skyline Chili or Gold Star Chili? It is all in how you market yourself.

The Oregon District is filled with many local small business owners. They do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on advertising campaigns, logo redesigns, and consumer surveys. Instead, the owners find creative ways to lure the folks into their shops. Because once you can take a second to indulge in the experience, you will return again and again.

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One of my favorite stores that does a fantastic job of marketing itself to potential customers is Heart Mercantile . Owners Brittany Smith & Carly Barrett run the shop throughout the week.  The team at Heart believes in the spirit of their community, and giving back wherever they can.  But I am not here to give you a run down about the store.

A piece of chalk and a standalone chalkboard is all the Heart Team needs to grab your attention. Below are 10 chalkboard signs to take to heart...from Heart. All these photos were found on @heart_mercantile's Instagram, which you should check out.

1.) The biggest #TruthBomb any Oregon District fan can agree with...

2.) Your worst nightmare, with a happy ending

3.) When that tree that you just saw attacks!

4.) You can have mine, Codawg99@hotmail.com


6.) NOTE TO SELF:  Always speak literally and honestly!

7.) They always asked me my thoughts on flipping burgers...

8.) <3

9.) The endless internal argument inside my head

10.) DJ Nutty... Drop dat beat!!!

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