An open letter to the city of Dayton

Hey Dayton,

It’s me, Cory. What’s up? It has been a minute since we last talked. I hope everything is going well. It is kind of funny, I keep seeing things pop up about you in the news every day. By the way, congrats on the recent funding for the Arcade. I know that has been something you have been working on for a long time and it is finally happening! Baby steps is all it takes.

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I saw on your Facebook the other day that you keep getting more and more friends and personal shoutouts. I remember back in the day when you couldn’t pay someone to be your friend. It seemed like everyone wanted to be best friends with Columbus and Cincinnati. Hell, even Cleveland had more friends than you. But you hung in there. The cool thing now that I keep seeing is everyone wanting to move closer to you and downtown. It seems like work, play, and fun are all synonymous with your name nowadays. We went from a place where you couldn’t pay a person to live near you, to them screaming “TAKE MY MONEY!!!”

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Also, whoever thought of bringing Uber to Dayton needs to be awarded the medallion of smarts. You are the perfect city for it, and coupled with all the up-and-coming breweries… GENIUS! Some of the best times I have had so far are grabbing a bite to eat and bar hopping around. Speaking of which, drink much? My goodness. You have so many breweries that you had to start your own pedal bike service to get to each place, where you drink while on the bike!

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I will be honest with you, though. I did hear from a lot of people, several years back, that you were dying and I got scared. It was the same thing over and over, “Dayton is dying.” And “Dayton is DEAD!” I knew in my heart that you were going to be okay, but it’s hard to hear that. I heard it daily from people who have been lifelong Daytonians. It felt like they didn’t care anymore, gave up and wanted to simply walk away. I was so relieved to know that there were more people who said the opposite and fought for you. It has been cool to see your brothers Kettering, Centerville, Beavercreek, Huber Heights and your sister Oakwood chip in to help as well. It’s like you all had the mentality of “if one falls we all fall."

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You know, I still remember when you and I were out on the playground. Running around having fun. You were the only one who played with me and was my friend. You didn’t care that I was fat or not good at sports. Didn’t care that I was not the smartest either. You made me feel at home and so welcomed. So I guess I just want to say thank you, Dayton. Thanks for all you have done to help me on my journey through life and become the man I am today. I am trying to pass on everything you have done for me to others.

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Alright I have to get going, I have a 6:30 game at Setters and then Karaoke at Blind Bob’s tonight.  Keep in touch, alright, and keep doing what you are doing. You are getting noticed and people are loving it.

With Kindest Regards,

Cory D. D. Miller

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