4 reasons why Dayton pisses me off

I officially cannot take it anymore. Dare I say, “I can’t even.” Dayton pisses me off. I can’t stand this city and what it has to offer anymore. I feel as though I am the proverbial volcano ready to blow at any moment!

Below you will find my Top 4 reasons why when I hear Dayton my blood simply boils.

1.) Money

The cost of living in Dayton is absolutely outrageous. Everything anymore is way too affordable. I went out for an extremely nice dinner with my girlfriend, with the expectation of having my wallet drained, and per usual I am still flush with cash. Since dinner didn’t do the trick, we go out for a drink hoping this will finally put the kibosh on my bank account. Lo and behold, it only allows us to have double and sometimes triple the amount of drinks with money left over for an Uber ride to Ritter’s for ice cream. All I want is to pay through the roof for everyday items. Is that so much to ask for?

2.) Food

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On top of that, food trucks are everywhere. Not only is Dayton making it easily accessible to consume food via a brick and mortar shop, but now it is making it even more convenient and fun to dine out. Thanks Dayton, but I will stick to the ramen noodle soup I had laid out for dinner.

3.) Entertainment

Does Dayton even know how to spell music? Simple chords you put together with regards to a string of notes compiled to evoke an emotion of passion. It’s not that hard. With venues like The Fraze, Yellow Cab Tavern, The Rose Music Center, and numerous other bar establishments, Dayton can’t even get into rhythm with the Cha-Cha Slide -- AND THEY TELL YOU HOW TO DANCE IN THAT SONG.

If you don’t believe me, check out Libby Ballengee, who writes Dayton Music Insider . She will tell it like it is. Oh, and let’s not forget about the arts scene. Ballets, operas, musicals, community theatre, the Dayton Philharmonic, art galleries, and plays. There is just too much! Dayton arts is out of control!

4.) Outdoors

What’s worse than walking? Walking outside. Dayton, yet again, adds to the list of hatred by providing an outdoor recreational scene that is making me pull my hair out. I can’t stand all of this fresh air and serenity. When I go out to a Five Rivers MetroParks hiking trail and couple that with the breathtaking views from Cox Arboretum, my top is boiling. So I think to myself, “Cory, go ride your bike.” Next thing I know, I find myself in the bike lane heading towards a stretch of bike path that is paved to perfection. All I wanted to do was ride around the block, and instead I end up having the time of my life and getting some amazing exercise in. Humbug!

Alright, enough with the jokes. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am kidding around. Dayton doesn’t piss me off. Dayton inspires me. Sometimes as Daytonians (as well as a special person from Portland who enjoys Roost), we easily get caught up in the negative things going on with our city. This blog is to be a reminder that you can turn any negative into a positive. All you have to do is try.

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