365 things to do in Dayton before you can whine that there's nothing to do

Richard J. Kaiser has 365 answers for anyone who says there's nothing to do in Dayton. 

He's even written them down for you.

Kaiser, the co-owner of Lion + Panda, a Dayton-based hybrid marketing and web design agency, created the "365 Things to Do in Dayton Before You Can Say There is Nothing to Do" poster and is planning a website listing the activities.

The list includes a range of attractions and events from the 2nd Street Market to AlterFest.

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365 things to do in Dayton poster. (Source: Lion + Panda/Facebook)


Kaiser started the idea for the website three or so years ago after a Facebook page on things to do in Dayton went nowhere fast.


Richard J. Kaiser (Source: Richard J. Kaiser/Facebook)

"They got to 11 and just stopped. I was mortified," Kaiser said. "I was like, 'Oh my god, what are you doing? You can’t stop'."

Kaiser says he began crowd sourcing ideas, but eventually shelved the idea to concentrate on the launch of his business.

An Oregon Printing Communications contest offering $500 in printing services to winners got his creative juices going.

Kaiser's poster was declared a contest winner.

He plans to hang it in area businesses using the prize from the Oregon Printing Contest. It also will be offered to individuals.

Do you want a poster? Contact Kaiser at richardjkaiser@gmail.com .

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