Birthday cards sought for Fairborn woman turning 105

What do you get a 105-year-old  for her birthday?

Ruby with birthday cards sent to her last year thanks to a request her cousin posted on Facebook. (Contributed)

The answer: as many birthday cards as her mailbox can handle.

A birthday card campaign is on for Fairborn's Ruby Wells Nicholson.

Her cousin Joberta E. Wells of Yosemite, Ky.  posted a call for cards on Facebook.

At least 50 cards were collected for Ruby's 104th birthday a year ago.

"They all came from people on Facebook and family," Joberta said. "You never expect something like Facebook would get such a response."

Ruby was featured on WYSO's StoryCorps in 2010.

Born in Yosemite, on May 27, 1910, the retired teacher survived the Great Flu Epidemic as child.

Ruby Wells Nicholson on her 101st birthday. She is pictured with her daughter Jane Nicholson Scott. (Submitted)

She describes her childhood in church and life perspective on the WYSO show during a touching and funny interview conducted by her daughter Jane Scott.

Ruby Wells Nicholson with her horse in Yosemite, Ky.

"To my way of thinking, that leaf, and people, and animals all deteriorate and become dust to keep creation a'goin' and I think creation is happening all the time," Ruby said.

Really sweet stuff. So make sure you send her a card.

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