Dayton band featured on NPR show

The secret about Dayton's Motel Beds is getting out.

The rock band's song 4AM from the upcoming release "Mind Glitter" was played on NPR's  All Songs Considered yesterday.

The Motel Beds are mentioned around about 26:30.

You can hear it live at Blind Bob's, 430 E. 5th St. in Dayton's Oregon District, Friday at 9 p.m.

Here's what the Facebook event page says about the evening:

"Friday night, October 16. Mark it down. The Motel Beds' new album, Mind Glitter will be unleashed upon the world. Pick up your copy a full 7 days before the official release date and be the envy of every kid on your block- even that dude whose parents got him an IROC Z for his 16th birthday. WHAT THE HELL'S UP WITH THAT?!?

Anyway, to make the evening even awesomer, our friends Brat Curse will be opening the festivities, and then our other friends Moira will be releasing THEIR new album as well! The Beds will close out the night in a blaze of glory and spilled drinks. You really kind of have to be there, right?"

All Songs Considered has high praise for Beds —Darryl Robbins, PJ Paslosky, Tod Weidner, Tommy Cooper and Ian Kaplan.

All things Considered co-host Robin Hilton called Mind Glitter "undeniably a great record."

"This is a group that I listened to and really liked and then started to really love," he said, later noting that the song written by Paslosky is a lighters and cell phone out and up, end of a set pop song.

Hilton, who co-host the show with Bob Boilen, said mind glitter is "what is always shooting out of your brain, Bob."

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