Daytonians unite: Dayton Day should be a holiday

Dayton needs — no, deserves — a day.


I say that day should be June 20.


I like to party, and there is so much to celebrate about life here.

That’s more than enough reason in my book.

Given enough time and bottles of moonshine, I could come up with a few reasons why June 20th should be Dayton Day.

I could present this information in a PowerPoint or in the form of a sketch.

A few unnecessary reasons why Dayton Day should be June 20th:

• Something historical definitely probably happened on that date here in the 200+ years since the city was founded.

• Twenty is a round number just as “Ohio” is a round word. Dayton is in Ohio. June 20 should be Dayton Day.

I could go on and on, but the fact is that you are either with me or against me when it comes to June 20th being Dayton Day.

Do you like to party or not?

To express that another way, you are either against me or awesome and into fun.

I bring this whole June 20th being Dayton Day thing up for planning purposes.

We are going to need some committees to come up with some dazzling floats.

I can almost imagine a 100-foot tall Orville Wright bobbing down Main Street, followed by angelic children and a flyover.

Nancy Cartwright herself can drive the truck pulling the Bart Simpson float.

There can be dancing Katt Williamses and Dr. Creep impersonators and a celebration of Jonathan Winters’ best jokes.

Surely Martin Sheen and the Lowe brothers will participate.

Source: Shuttlerstock

Perhaps Dave Chappelle can give a keynote address of some kind.

People will eat stewed tomatoes on a stick and Mikesell’s potato chips by the handful.

The Marion’s Piazza team will take on the squad from Cassano’s in an epic three-legged race.

Drake’s Downtown Gym can hand black-eye stickers to all the kiddies.

A Dayton Day would be a perfect thing, as you can see.

The festivities could draw people from as far away as Kettering and Springboro and even Northern Kentucky and beyond.

Temporary bowling allies can be set up on Fifth Street between Wayne and Smokin’ BBQ cuz people in Dayton love a good bowl.

The “Ball of Breweries” would be a signature event. Details have obviously not been worked out, but I see this involving people having a ball while drinking Dayton brew.

These are really good ideas if I do say so myself, but Dayton Day is a community event that involves the entire community.

This gets back to why we need several committees.

Together we can make this incredible day happen.

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