Local man trapped in NYC after audition for The Voice, reunites with long-lost brother

Josh Weston has had an unusual few days.

The 31-year-old Dayton preschool teacher by day and singer by night auctioned for NBC's "The Voice" in New York Saturday.  He then spent beaucoup quality time with his long-lost brother after being trapped in that city by the blizzard that shut down much of the East Coast.

The brothers have different mothers and hadn't seen each other in 24 years.

Josh Weston went to NYC to tryout for NBC's The Voice and ended up reuniting with a his big brother Fred Williamson. The brothers had not seen each other in 24 years.

It's been a lot for four days, but Weston and his brother Fred Williamson made the very best of it.

"We've been eating. We’ve been playing games. His wife fried some chicken, " Weston, a graduate of Springfield South High School and Wright State University, said. "We just been sitting here laughing."

Weston took a $60 bus ride from the Target near the Dayton Mall Friday night that arrived in New York's Chinatown Saturday morning.

Josh Weston auditioned for NBC's the voice Saturday. (contributed)

On the way there, he got an unexpected Facebook message from his brother telling him to hit him up if he were ever in New York.

"I told him I was on my way to New York," Weston said.

Josh Weston took a walk in New York's Central Park Sunday before the storms started.

Long story short, Weston hung out at his brother's place in Brooklyn before auctioning for the reality singing contest Saturday. After palling around with friends, he ended up spending the night at his brother's house Saturday night. He's been there since because the storm shut down much of the city's transportation.

Josh Weston of Dayton watched the blizzard shut down NYC from his brother's place in Brooklyn.

"(New York City Mayor Bill) de Blasio was on TV saying 'I am gong to make this crystal clear, if you are on the streets, the police have the right to arrest you'," Weston said. "It was like a movie."

Weston plans to leave the city today or tomorrow.

While the blizzard caused delays and aggravation for many, it was a positive for Weston and his brother.

"The storm brought us together," he said.

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