Local swingers (wink, wink... you know what we mean) focus of A&E show

It's official.

Every interest seems to have its own reality show.

"Neighbors with Benefits," a new A&E reality show set to debut at 10 p.m. Sunday, March 22, follows several Warren County married couples.

These aren't your typical suburban families (well, at least I don't think they are).

These particular Hamilton Twp. pairs are all swingers (and there are not necessarily ropes involved).

All that husband and wife swapping does not sit well with conservative groups who do not want people to think Warren County is some sort of swingers' paradise.

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati.com) says Citizens for Community Values, One Million Moms and the American Family Association are asking their supporters to boycott the network and its advertisers until the show is canceled.

According to the Enquirer:

"A&E officials say the series was filmed at the couple's home in the 300-home Thornton Grove community, but some neighbors and township officials maintain the network rented a home in the adjacent Wedgwood community and recruited several cast members from outside the area."

The show has naturally gotten mixed attention online.


So many shady boots to go around, so little time.

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