Marsha Bonhart lands new job, "there is life after dot, dot, dot"

Marsha Bonhart flipped the script when she lost her job at WDTN Channel 2 last December after 27 years with the station.

"I knew in my heart that I wanted to go someplace and make a difference," she said.

Marsha leaving WDTN as graceful as ever←

Marsha started a week ago as Wilberforce University's assistant vice president of public relations and programs.

She has advice to anyone who loses a job and has to flip their own script.

"Understand that there is life after dot, dot, dot," Marsha said. "It is not the worst thing in the world to happen to you. You have to regroup."

In her new role, Marsha works to tell the historically black college's story.

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"I work with a team and the Institutional Advancement Office," she said. "Our responsibility is the raise the profile of the university."

With 653 students, Wilberforce has undergone 2.6 million in renovations to residential and student halls since Algeania Warren Freeman became president about a year ago.

Marsha's job includes fundraising and working with the media. She interviewed Freeman for a WDTN story shortly after the new president started at Wilberforce.

"I am just now on the other side. You reverse yourself," the journalist of nearly 38 years said. "You have some understanding how the media works with deadlines, print and broadcast... At this point, I got it."

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