Marsha leaving WDTN as graceful as ever

People often come and go in the news business faster than you can blink an eye.

Newspaper, TV and radio journalists retire, get fired or go on to bigger and better gigs.

Marsha Bonhart is leaving WDTN after nearly 27 years.

You expected it, but there are those that you never see going.

Marsha Bonhart is one of those people I never saw going.

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I was immediately impressed by Ms. Marsha after first seeing her on TV when I moved to Dayton nearly 15 years ago.

Back then, she wore her hair in a natural style, something you rarely see black female newscaster do.

Marsha was always classy, always professional and always Marsha.

We became friends through the Greater Dayton Association of Black Journalists, a National Association of Black Journalists chapter that strives to increase diversity in newsroom.

Marsha was a member of Dayton's original NABJ chapter and could have simply ignored the newbies, myself included, that restarted the chapter.

But she did not step back and say "been there and done that" like some others.

Marsha stepped in and was a constant adviser that helped our chapter grow and reach a larger number of  future and current journalists.

Archived 2003 photo of Marsha Bonhart

Through hard work, integrity and personality she was a role model to many. The many includes me.

I was surprised by the news that Marsha's contract at WDTN was not renewed.

I was not surprised by what she said when I interviewed her for a story posted on

She was as gracious and Marsha as ever, speaking kindly of this city, her employer and her colleagues.

There was sadness, but no  sour grapes.

“When you get into this industry, you always know this is a possibility,” she told me.

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