New restaurant bringing bug milkshakes to Dayton area

Forget the boys -- a restaurant heading to the area hopes its milkshakes will bring all the crickets to the yard.

Camel cricket cave cricket. (Source: National Park Service)

As my colleague Mark Fisher reported today on, Wayback Burgers will open a restaurant inside the Mall at Fairfield Commons in late fall.

"The new Beavercreek restaurant will be only the second Wayback Burgers in Ohio; the other is in Wadsworth, near Akron.

Wayback Burgers will occupy 955 square feet at the center of the mall’s food court, according to Kristie Miller, marketing director at the Mall at Fairfield Commons."

Mark passed the crickets and Slim Jim sticks news on to us.

The Connecticut-based chain released Oreo Mud Pie Cricket Protein Milkshake and Jerky Milkshake with a Slim Jim Snack Stick.

Sounds gross, but it might very well be good for you.

(Source:Wayback Burger's Facebook page)

The cricket milkshake has 24 grams of protein. The jerky milkshake contains two Slim Jim Snack Sticks and 20 grams of protein.

Umm, yummy.

Crickets are one thing, but the rest of the eatery's food looks delicious.

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