Oakwood? Tipp City?? Miamisburg!?! What is the area's snobbiest city?

My eyes nearly rolled to the back of my head when a colleague pointed out that Tipp City and Miamisburg are listed among the 10 Snobbiest Cities in Ohio.

Whaaaaaaaaaaat da whaaaaaaaaaaat?

The monocle adds some Old World charm to a modern-day dandy's outfit. But that's about all it can do. Photo courtesy of M.V. Jantzen/Flickr Creative Commons

On further inspection, I discovered that the good folks over at Roadsnack.net screwed up the slideshow attached to the story and lists "Tipp City" on a photo of Pepper Pike and "Miamsburg" on a photo of what is supposed to be Bexley but could really be any city.

It is one of several oop-sicles in the article.

Screen grab of Roadsnack.net

This whole ordeal got me thinking about our own local snobby cities, so I decided to create a just-for-fun, nonscientific poll.

I threw in a few Dayton neighborhoods, villages and townships to send the fun level over the top.

QUIZ: Where in Dayton should you live?←

For what it is worth, Roadsnack lists the state's snobbiest cities in this order:

  1. The Village Of Indian Hill
  2. New Albany
  3. Pepper Pike
  4. Montgomery
  5. Powell
  6. Hudson
  7. Dublin
  8. Granville
  9. Bexley
  10. Upper Arlington

The website has some rational for the listing that reads like blah, blah, blah.


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