5 things you need to know about remnants of Hurricane Patricia coming to Ohio

Make sure to bring your umbrella to work on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rain is headed to the Miami Valley, beginning tomorrow, due to the remnants of what was once Hurricane Patricia.

(Source: WHIO-TV)

StormCenter 7 Meteorologist Brett Collar has provided us with 5 things to know about remnants of Hurricane Patricia coming to Ohio:

  1. The Miami Valley needs rain, as we currently sit at 1.89 inches below where we should be for the month of October and nearly 3 inches for the year.
  2. We will get at least some of that much needed rain. Most of us will get between one and two inches of rain, but some spots, especially further south could get in excess of two inches.
  3. The rain is due in part by the forcing from what was once Hurricane Patricia. However it is not a hurricane moving into the Miami Valley, rather forcing from an area of low pressure near Louisiana will help surge moisture from the Gulf of Mexico into the Miami Valley.
  4. With this rain, we are not anticipating flooding to be a widespread problem, but some localized flooding and ponding on the roadways is certainly possible.
  5. The severe threat is minimal with this system. We are just anticipating a good soaking rain event.

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