Top 5 ways John Boehner was raked through the coals in memes

The country won't have House Speaker John Boehner to kick around for much longer.

In the face of another possible government shutdown and verbal fistcuffs with conservative members of his own party, the son of a Cincinnati-area bartender announced today that he is bouncing in October.

"See you later, congressional ali-hater."

Deserved or not, the U.S. Representative from Ohio's 8th congressional district has put up with a lot of smack during 13 terms.

john boehner photo: John Boehner JohnBoehnerDancingfortheTeaParty.gif

Here are just a few ways Boehner has been belittled, and no...we won't getting into the alternative pronunciation of his last name.

Because he cares very, very deeply... all the time.


His apparent appearance in the Wizard of Oz & Willy Wonka

photo tumblr_m63mbymPPb1qecwudo1_500.gif


He supposedly likes a stiff drink


His politics

Finally, he may or may not be orange

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