Unimaginative graffiti taggers' monstrosity towers above downtown Dayton


I don't know who MFS is or who he or she represents, but I do know the sight of his, her or their tag in ugly, giant letters on top of the old abandoned Fidelity Plaza building irks the holy hell out of me.

It bothers me so much that I have written "WTF" and "hell" in the same blog.

MFS truly describes these defacers.

The ugly graffiti tag MFS on top of the Fidelity Plaza. (Photo by Amelia Robinson)

I don't know what the tag  is trying to express and  can only assume the message is: "I lack imagination, but am not afraid of heights."

Well, good for you.

Vandalism is vandalism wherever it is, but the location, location and location of the monstrosity makes it worse.

The once vibrant building at 211 S. Main St. is right across from the Dayton Convention Center.

MFS stupidity can be seen from various vantage points downtown and the Oregon District, which apparently is why he, she or they selected the location.

This sorry display is repeated on far too many buildings — some abandoned, some not — around  this community.

The ugly graffiti tag MFS on top of the Fidelity Plaza. (Photo by Amelia Robinson)

So little imagination, so much spray paint.

My gripe has nothing to do with street art.

One can argue value in even some unsanctioned street art.

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The difference between street art and this sort of trash is like obscenity; you know it when you see it.

MFS and its ilk are simply vapid vandals.

I don't know when the MFS tag went up, but it has been a while.

There should be no place in this community for such nonsense. 

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