Vote: which board games are a MUST for Kettering's new bar?

While the world searches for Pikachu and his virtual friends, Dayton has board games on its mind thanks to D20: A Bar with Characters.

The bar plans to feature 200 board and tabletop games when it opens its doors this fall at 2144 E. Whipp Road in the Oak Creek Plaza.'s Mark Fisher told us all about it yesterday and folks are very, very excited about the concept.

Archived photo: Erica Gates (yellow) points to Mike Sibley and Kristi Dellinger while Chad Barton looks at her drawing.

D20 co-founder Andrew Sparks said it will have games ranging from Candyland to Risk to Axis & Allies. 

That's a big range. Let's help them narrow it down.

Which board games do they have to have?

Sydney Benge (left) and Cheyenne Bowling spell out a word during the Scrabble tournament held at Hamilton High School Wednesday evening, May 20, 2009. Photo by Jessica Uttinger, contributing photographer

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