What you need to know about Mike Turner's bride-to-be

Cupid clearly has a thing for Mike Turner.

If you believe The Hill (why would they lie), the woman our congressman will marry is one of the 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill.

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Rep. Turner and his Toledo sweet potato Majida Mourad are now engaged, according to the Dayton Daily News.

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Mourad, vice president of government relations at Cheniere Energy Inc., is really into family -- and her lifelines are "salad and Diet Coke," according to The Hill.

Here's more:

The “proud Ohioan” eschews traditional workouts at the gym for activities that keep her out and about, such as bike riding.

“I don’t like to feel like I have to work out," she explains. “I like to just go out and be active.”

Mourad is also a partner at the The Abraham Group.

From her bio proof that she's far more than one of the Hill's 50 most beautiful people:

"Prior to joining The Abraham Group, Ms. Mourad worked at the U.S. Department of Energy as a Senior Advisor to Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham from January 2001 until February 2005. As Senior Advisor to the Secretary, she was a lead Department representative on international energy matters. In particular she focused on United States Department of Energy work with the nations of the Middle East, Australia, Russia and various other European as well as Asian countries. She also performed key assignments with respect to such multilateral organizations as the International Energy Agency, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the International Energy Forum."

Mourad and Turner were among the cutest couples at the Dayton Art Institute's Art Ball earlier this year. They were equally striking the year before.

Turner attended the 2013 ball with local philanthropists Teresa Huber and Zoe Dell Nutter.

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Turner, 55, and his former wife Lori Turner have two daughters, Jessica and Carolyn.  The Turners divorced in 2013.

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