Who would you jump over fire to see perform here next summer?

It's OK to set out those mums and decorative gourds without catching my side eye.

Today is the official end of summer. While many thoughts turn to fall, mine turn to next summer, which then turns to next summer's music.

The Rose Music Center is apparently thinking ahead as well.

The Huber Heights music center posted a question on Facebook yesterday asking fans who they would like to see perform there in 2016.

People had a lot of ideas — REO Speedwagon, Def Leppard, Annie Lennox and Ted Nugent to name a few.


Most of the musicians suggested to The Rose were reasonable. But why be reasonable when it comes to music?

Let's think and dream big. We've got music venues of various sizes from the UD Arena to some bar on Fifth Street.

No, we don't have gigantic arenas, but why should that limit our wish list? It is a wish.

Where there is a catchy beat, there is a way.

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