Why in the holy heck is it raining so much?

If you are anything like me and the rest of the Dayton.com crew, you are wondering why in the holy heck it has been raining so dang much.

It is a complicated question, so we took it to someone who knows.

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StormCenter7 Meteorologist Carrieann Marit

Carrieann Marit

gave me these three points in explaining our rather soggy weather.


  • The upper level winds have shifted, creating a dip over this region.
  • Storms ride along this flow, allowing them to pass right over the Miami Valley.
  • This pattern has been locked for the last month and a half.

Here is even more from Carrieann:

"Meteorologists look at many global patterns when forecasting long range. One of the most prominent is called the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). There are two phases to the NAO (positive and negative) that alter the jet stream. This would play a role in temperature and the amount of precipitation we could potentially see here in the Miami Valley. A negative phase, which we’ve experienced recently, has created more frequent dips in the jet stream bringing cooler air and a better track for stormy weather."

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