Wired gives props to Dayton-made 'scream queen' movie on horror list

Henrique Couto knows the power of Google alerts.

Source: Facebook/ Henrique Couto

They helped the Dayton-based filmmaker keeps up with buzz about his 13 movies and are how he knew Wired magazine gave his 2014 horror flick Haunted House On Sorority Row props in its piece Let’s Brush Up on Classic Sorority Horror for Scream Queens.

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Here is a little of what the site says about the movie:

"Interestingly, Haunted House also is the most feminist movie of the bunch, with positive messaging about sororities as service organizations and being a survivor of sexual abuse. Yeah, we didn’t see that coming either, especially since its production value was among the worst we saw."

Couto takes the whole "bad production value thing" with a grain of salt.

The other movies listed had production values ranging from about $400,000 to $10 million, he said.

"Haunted House on Sorority Row was made for the price of a used car," he told me with a laugh. "It is on shelves with movies that cost astronomically more money."

Source: Facebook/ Henrique Couto

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The West Carollton-raised Moraine resident made the film in just five days at locations around Dayton and Waynesville at the end of 2013.

The film written by John Oak Dalton of Indiana was released in July 2014 and has been praised for its feminist theme.

Couto takes pride in that fact.

Here is the movie synopsis:

"A fledgling sorority has just purchased their new home, but the inexpensive beat up house has a history no one could imagine. Now as they move in and continue their college lives something evil is making itself known by affecting their minds... and bodies."

The engine just keeps going for Couto.

(Source: ScareWaves/Facebook)

His next horror movie "Scarewaves" will be released on Video on Demand Oct. 13 and on DVD Oct. 27.

His 20 N Main St. in Germantown.

Admission is $10.


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