13 cheap online courses that will get you ready for today's workforce

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The following 13 classes will help teach you the skills you need for the modern workforce Job Interview Skills Training Course HTML Introduction to Spreadsheets and Models Learning Web Analytics Conversational Spanish Made Easy Learn Adobe Illustrator from Scratch Marketing in a Digital World Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills Complete Guide to Drafting a Business Plan Report Writing Made Simple Introduction to Video Editing Secret Sauce of Great Writing The Complete Presentation and

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Whether you're looking for a new career, want to score a promotion with your current company or are returning to the workforce, you'll find that employers' expectations can change quickly.

Many jobs require a broad variety of skills, and the more you learn, the more attractive you'll be to prospective employers.

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Online classes can help give you an edge, and some are even prepared by the faculty of prestigious universities. And you won't necessarily have to invest a lot of money, since many are free and many others are quite inexpensive.

The following 13 classes will help teach you the skills you need for the modern workforce:

Ace the interview

This course covers what to do before the interview, how to practice common questions, dress for success, follow up after the interview and more.

Job Interview Skills Training Course, Udemy. Free.

Start to code

Since HTML is the foundation of websites, Forbes recommends this class if you're a coding beginner. It helps you learn how to build a personal or small business website and more.

HTML, Dash-General Assembly. Free.

Use spreadsheets

Learning how to use spreadsheets like Excel can help in many careers, such as marketing and management, according to Forbes. You'll also be able to work more efficiently.

Introduction to Spreadsheets and Models, Coursera. Free for ungraded content.

Learn about web analytics

This course, recommended by Forbes, helps you learn about optimizing your business' online presence with social media campaigns and SEO.

Learning Web Analytics, Lynda. Free trial, with monthly subscription plans starting at $19.99.

Learn Spanish

Learning another language can help in many careers, and Business Insider recommends this course.

Conversational Spanish Made Easy, Udemy. $10 (normally $145)

Create graphics

The Muse recommends taking this course to learn basic Adobe Illustrator techniques for creating graphics and then moving onto colors and patterns, perspective and automation.

Learn Adobe Illustrator from Scratch, Udemy. $12.

Market with digital tools

Learn how to use digital tools – including 3D printing, smartphones and the internet – to market your products, according to The Muse. You'll find out more about distribution and setting the right prices.

Marketing in a Digital World, Coursera. Free for ungraded content.

Negotiate like a boss

Negotiation is an important skill in business and life in general. You'll learn how to plan your strategy, use key tactics for success and create a contract in this course recommended by The Muse.

Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills, Coursera. Free for ungraded content.

Create a business plan

If you've dreamed of venturing out on your own, this class will help you learn what investors are looking for in a business plan and how to create one that's thorough and successful.

Complete Guide to Drafting a Business Plan, Udemy. $12.

Write a business report 

From planning to proofreading, this class helps you learn how to craft a business report. Points addressed include essential questions to ask and how to understand the report's purpose.

Report Writing Made Simple, Udemy. $12.

Edit video

Video editing is its own career, Forbes points out, but it's also now used extensively in the content and marketing world. Learn the basics of good editing, including composition, transitions, pacing and editing.

Introduction to Video Editing, Lynda. Free trial, with monthly subscription plans starting at $19.99.

Write more effectively

Whether you're writing a cover letter, a press release or an email, this course (recommended by The Muse) will help you do it better.

Secret Sauce of Great Writing, Udemy. Free.

Give a presentation

If the thought of speaking in a business meeting makes you break out in a cold sweat, take this course, which is recommended by Business Insider. It covers body language, how to create incredible content and more.

The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking/Speech Course, Udemy. $10 (normally $200)

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