Dayton airline boosts pay for new hires

In a bid to recruit more pilots, a growing Dayton-based airline is promising “an immediate 56 percent increase in first-year wages, substantial cash retention and sizeable bonuses” for new hires.

PSA Airlines incentives for new-hire pilots include an increased sign-on bonus for recruits and retention bonuses for first officers and captains to create “a top-tier compensation structure,” the airline said.

“These valuable enhancements, which are effective immediately, elevate PSA to the top of the regional industry in first-year compensation for new-hire pilots,” PSA said in an announcement Wednesday. “This is an important milestone for the company’s recruiting mission to hire the best and brightest future aviators in the industry to carry out its future plans as a vital part of the American Airlines regional network.”

“PSA’s new pilot compensation program is a true game-changer for our airline and we are proud to offer the highest first-year compensation in the regional industry,” Dion Flannery, PSA president, said in the company’s release.

The new pay package includes a 56 percent increase to the starting pay for new-hire first officers, increasing wages from $24.62 to $38.50 per hour.

The airline will continue offering new-hire pilots a $15,000 sign-on bonus, with $5,000 more for new-hire pilots with CRJ-type experience.

PSA is also implementing a $20,000 retention bonus for first officers hired under this new program to be paid out in installments after their one-year hiring anniversary. PSA is also instituting a $7,500 retention bonus for all captains employed today with the company.

With these changes, first-year pay for new-hire pilots stands at $58,500, plus an additional $3,000 with a commuter hotel allowance program implemented earlier this year, PSA said.

Since 2014, PSA has doubled its size from 49 aircraft to 115 aircraft and will continue to grow to operate 150 Bombardier CRJ aircraft.

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