Night shift: 6 best jobs for the true night owl

Most jobs follow a 9 to 5 shift, but if you're a night owl, this type of schedule can feel like torture.

'Early to bed, early to rise' doesn't work well for everyone, so, for those that rather work once the sun goes down, there are jobs that allow you to get paid during your most productive time. Even if you're not a true night owl, an overnight schedule can work well if you're one of two working parents that need to "tag team" your child care responsibilities.

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Overnight jobs may also be easier to get, since fewer people are applying for jobs with this schedule. And some companies even offer a bump in hourly pay for employees who are willing to work at night.

If this sounds like what you're looking for, check out these jobs, which are some of the best for night owls:

Credit: Seth Wenig/AP

Credit: Seth Wenig/AP

Air traffic controller

Airplanes and airports operate 24/7, so air traffic controllers are needed around the clock to monitor and direct the movement of aircraft. The job typically requires an associate degree, and you'll also need to complete long-term on the job training as well as exams and a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) course. Median salary: $122, 410

Security guard

Security guards help keep people and property safe, and night jobs are common. Most security guard jobs require a high school diploma or the equivalent. In many states, you'll need to register with the state if you carry a firearm on the job. You'll also need to complete any training required by the company you work for as well as your home state. Median salary: $25,770


Patients in hospitals, emergency rooms and nursing homes need care from nurses 24-hours a day, so night jobs are definitely available. Nursing is usually an in-demand profession, with the number of jobs expected to grow much faster than average. Some nurses have a two-year associates degree, while others have a four-year bachelor's degree, according to the American Nursing Association.

Median salary (registered nurse): $68,450

Pastry chefs and bakers

It's common for pastry chefs and bakers to work at night so their creations are ready and fresh in the morning. The amount of training and/or formal education needed varies. Some pastry chefs and bakers have culinary degrees, while others have less formal training. Panera Bread, for example, prefers that night bakers have one to two years of experience as a baker. Median salary: $25,090


To become a firefighter, you'll usually need a high school diploma and training in emergency medical services. Most firefighters also receive training at a fire academy, pass written and physical tests and earn certification as an emergency medical technician (EMT). If you're physically fit and have high test scores as well as paramedic training, you'll have the best chance of landing a job. Median salary$48,030

Assemblers and fabricators

Manufacturing plants have day and night jobs for assemblers and fabricators to make part or finished products. A high school diploma or the equivalent is typically needed in addition to on-the job training, and if you have additional certification or vocational training, you can gain an edge. Median salary$28,550

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