Oregon District Shooting: Proposal has nine shooting victims’ families get $250K each

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A video to honor those killed in the Oregon District mass shooting.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

In a draft protocol released Monday morning, the Dayton Foundation is proposing that by far most of the money donated in the wake of the Aug. 4 Oregon District mass shooting go to the families or estates of those killed in that tragedy.

With an estimated fund balance of $3 million, some 75 percent of that amount would go to the “individual applications” for deceased individuals, according to the draft. That amounts to about $2.25 million to the estates or families (the “applicants”) of nine people killed on Aug. 4.

From that total, each family or applicant for deceased shooting victims would get about $250,000 each.

The shooter was killed by police in the event. The foundation has said that the shooter’s family will receive consideration for the death of a daughter, Megan Betts, but not for the shooter’s death. (Megan Betts was the sister of the shooter.)

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“Those certified eligible applicants submitting claims relating to victims killed as a result of the shooting in the Oregon District tragedy on August 4, 2019, will receive the highest category of payment under the scope of the Final Protocol,” the foundation said in the draft. “All eligible applicants in this category will receive the same payment regardless of circumstances.”

The shooting victims were: Derrick Fudge, 57; Lois Oglesby, 27; Saeed Saleh, 38; Logan Turner, 30; Nicholas Cumer, 25; Thomas McNichols, 25; Beatrice Warren-Curtis, 36; Monica Brickhouse, 39; and Megan Betts, 22.

Also according to the draft: Twenty percent of the fund — about $600,000 — will go to those who had been hospitalized for 48 hours or more after the event. Another five percent (about $150,000) would go to those who had been treated by a doctor or a hospital within 48 hours of the mass shooting.

Neither the Dayton Foundation nor a volunteer committee drafting the disbursement criteria knows how many total applications it will receive.

For more information, visit www.daytonfoundation.org and click the link for the Dayton Oregon District Tragedy Fund, LLC or email TragedyFund@daytonfoundation.org. Donations to the fund may also be made at the foundation's web site.

Donations may also be made by texting DAYTON to 20222 for a one-time $10 donation, or by sending a check to the foundation at 1401 S. Main St., Suite 100, Dayton, OH 45409.

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