Millions OK’d for U.S. 35 projects: New lane for Dayton, ‘super street’ in Greene County

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Millions OK'd for U.S. 35 projects

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A key state committee today approved state funding for a major transportation project in Montgomery County, a project that would add a lane to U.S. 35 from Whalen Boulevard to Interstate 675.

Brian Martin, director of the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC), said the Ohio Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) approved the state’s portion of funding for the project — $8.7 million for fiscal year 2021, he said.

“The vote happened, and we’re on there (on the list of approved projects),” Martin said. “I think it’s a big deal.”

Federal funds of $2.4 million will serve as the “local” match for the project, Martin said.

Approved last year — and re-confirmed today — were about $11 million for the “super street” proposed for U.S. 35 in Greene County, which will get a blend of local and federal funds — about $3 million in federal funds and $1.5 million expected in local funds, from the city of Beavercreek, as well as Greene County and Beavercreek Twp.

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That project is committed to fiscal year 2019, Martin said.

Both projects have been on the statewide draft “tier 1” list of projects from TRAC, a nine-member body that helps the state prioritize major traffic projects.

The Montgomery County project has been a priority for the MVRPC and the private sector, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce said in a statement  in November.

“It seems when government and the private sector agree on something of importance, and when good people work on good ideas, good results happen,” the chamber said.

Funding for the Montgomery County project is identified as $8.7 million from TRAC, $2.9 million from the Ohio Department of Transportation and $2.4 million from local sources, which Martin said will be federal funds.

The idea of building a “super street” along U.S. 35 in Greene County — as a way to address congestion and accidents — has been eyed for years.

The plan will create U-turns instead of left-hand turns at the Orchard Lane and Factory Road intersections, which had 100 crashes over the last three years, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Transportation said in a local public meeting in November.

The Greene County project is estimated to cost $16 million to $17 million total, that spokesman said in November.

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