Robot vacum cleaner could collect data about users’ homes

Roomba 530 robotic vacuum cleaner

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Roomba 530 robotic vacuum cleaner

The maker of the Roomba robotic vacuum, iRobot, could collect data about the floor plans of customers’ homes.

iRobot's chief executive, Colin Angle, told Reuters that iRobot may begin selling floor plans of customers homes with Google, Amazon or Apple. The information would be sold to tech companies in a push to create "smart homes" controlled by a Internet-enabled devices, Reuters reported.

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The robotic vacuums can collect data about the dimensions of rooms, and information about the distances between tables, furniture and home furnishings.

“There’s an entire ecosystem of things and services that the smart home can deliver once you have a rich map of the home that the user has allowed to be shared,” Angle told Reuters.

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