This group has the best Airbnb rating performance in Ohio (and is making good money, too)

Airbnb says senior citizen hosts in Dayton and around Ohio are making good money as hosts with the room renting company.

The company said more than 800 seniors in Ohio share their homes for supplemental income through its platform. In 2017, they earned a combined $4.6 million, it said.

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The numbers were released as part of Airbnb’s first report on Ohioans 60 years or older who are hosts on the platform “providing authentic neighborhood experiences to guests from throughout the world.”

Airbnb said across the entire state, seniors are the best-rated hosts of any other age demographic, earning 5-star reviews at a 91 percent rate.

The rate of Ohio seniors sharing their homes through Airbnb has grown 35 percent year-over-year.

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The typical Ohio senior earns about $6,000 annually in supplemental income through home sharing.

“Airbnb is a platform that can help Ohio’s senior community earn income to supplement their retirements or fixed incomes,” stated Will Burns, Airbnb’s Midwest policy director. “This was the case for my own mom, who hosted out of her home in Cleveland, and our hope is that the home sharing trend continues to serve as an economic engine for these passionate hosts.”

Dayton and Toledo had the highest percentage of seniors as hosts, with seniors reprsenting 17 percent of total hosts in both cities.

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Columbus was home to the highest-earning senior hosts, with a typical senior host earning $10,000 annually — $4,000 more than any other age demographic in Columbus, according to Airbnb. Columbus senior hosts also earned the most combined income compared to other Ohio cities, with a $500,000 in combined income in 2017.

Cleveland senior hosts were the most frequent hosts, with guests on average 130 days per year.

Cincinnati experienced 48 percent year-over-year growth with regards to the number of active senior hosts, which was the highest rate of senior host growth.

Including all ages, Ohio Airbnb hosts earned more than $29 million last year. Hosts in Dayton made about $800,000.

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