Wanted: Your ideas for Dayton

An aerial shot of Interstate 75 through Dayton.

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An aerial shot of Interstate 75 through Dayton.

A regional wish list for federal and state spending proposals and government prioritizing is ready for your ideas.

The Dayton Region Priority Development & Advocacy Committee (PDAC) is looking for community or government-based projects that will benefit the Dayton area.

A questionnaire can be found at http://daytonregion.com/pdac-submit/ allowing project sponsors to submit information about proposed projects. All submissions must be received by Nov. 10 to be considered, the Dayton Development Coalition said in an announcement.

Sponsors are advised to be as detailed as possible about their proposals.

“PDAC seeks projects that benefit residents of the Dayton region, impact its quality of life, encourage business growth, and strengthen the community’s relationship with local military installations,” the coalition said. “The process allows community leaders to evaluate projects and establish a list of regional priorities that allows the region to ‘speak with one voice’ when presenting priorities to state and federal officeholders and other decision makers.”

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Five review panels will consider proposals, then submit their own recommendations.

“The Dayton region’s PDAC process shows the value in bringing the community together to organize priorities and strengthen project proposals,” said Doug Compton, Dayton city executive and commercial banking team lead for Fifth Third Center and chair of PDAC.

“Every year I am inspired by the broad range of leaders involved in the priority setting process, and their dedication to advocating for our community,” Compton said.

Project sponsors must complete an online project questionnaire to participate in the process.

All project information will be posted on the Coalition’s website for public review.

“Our goal for PDAC is to help find the community projects that will have the most significant impact in the Dayton region,” said Jeff Hoagland, coalition president and chief executive. “This valuable process helps our community speak with one voice to our state and federal delegations, and share the many ways our partners are working to make our community a better place to live.”

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