This Dayton-area dive bar may be your perfect hideaway

Longevity is arguably the most impressive facet of any business, because it tends to mean they’ve done all the other things right.

Wedig’s in Beavercreek has operated under a number of names---six to be exact--- and owners since it opened in the Beaver Valley Shopping Center in the 1970s. However, it continues to serve a loyal following nonetheless.

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Wedig's is the type of place you have to already know about to visit. Located in furthest corner of the shopping center, which has fallen on hard times as of late, you'd think it was closed if you could find it at all.

Once inside, you’re greeted with a very dimly lit atmosphere and furnishings that appear to have been there since the bar opened as Cleopatra’s more than 35 years ago. A more recent jukebox and bowling video game bring you back to the present millennium, however.


Wedig’s offers a modest but decent menu of submarine sandwiches, pizzas, nachos, soft pretzels and more. But the hidden gem within this establishment’s menu is a large chef salad served in a giant bowl. There’s no skimping on the fixings, which makes for more than a meal for most. Whoever heard of going to a dive bar for a salad? Now you have.


As previously mentioned, it’s pretty dark, but not in a seedy or threatening way. People filter in throughout the afternoon to talk about what’s going on in town…or other regulars. As the sun goes down, the dart leaguers move in and the jukebox gets ample use with the room filling with both music and humanity.

The crowd is mostly neighborhood baby boomers and up, but younger patrons frequent Wedig’s on the weekends as well.

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The prices are very reasonable for your standard domestic beers and bar food.


Wedig’s does not have a large staff, but the bartenders—who also double as cooks—manage to handle the crowd well. It says something when one of your bartenders has managed to be there nearly 30 years, which outlives most of the various incarnations of the bar.


There are no bands—though a music video was once recorded here—and not a lot of frills. Just darts, pool and a jukebox. That’s all you need in the case of Wedig’s.


A recent Google review may most aptly describe what Wedig’s and its semi-hidden locale is to its neighborhood and anyone who wants hide for a couple beverages: “Good place to get away and have a cold one.”

What more could a dive bar enthusiast ask for?

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