Taco Loco is closing. Its owner, Octavio Garcia, said his brother will start a business at the location a day later.

Beloved Mexican restaurant closing 

A beloved Dayton area restaurant is shutting its doors for good.  

After nearly a dozen years in business, Octavio Garcia says he will close Taco Loco.

The restaurant at 5392 Burkhardt Road in Riverside, the second place winner of Dayton.com’s Best of Dayton taco category, closes for good on Jan. 31. 

Garcia says his brother Ramon Garcia, the owner of Taqueria Garcia Mobil, will take over the space.

“He is going to change the name,” Octavio Garcia said. “He say he is going to be better (than me). That’s what he says, but who knows.”

Garcia said he plans to keep his Cincinnati area store open, but wants to have more time for himself.   

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Garcia said his brother’s restaurant will be called “Three Brothers.”

There will be menu changes, but he expects the new restaurant to be very  similar to Taco Loco. 

“I hope not too much changes,” Garcia said. “I hope it get a little better.”

Garcia, a Dayton area resident, said he may open a small restaurant in the downtown Dayton in the future, but for now he wants to slow down. 

He said he is proud of the service he provided to his customers.

“We take a little longer to serve, but everything we give is fresh,” he said.