The sliced chicken pho (left) and Sate Shrimp and Pork Pho from Linh's Bistro. Photo source: Vivienne Machi / Staff

BEST OF DAYTON 2018: Your picks for the 3 BEST bowls of soup in Dayton

Winter is coming to a close, and soup’s season in the limelight is almost over. 

We’re certainly ready for warmer days, however, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind our readers of their top picks for the Best Bowls of Soup in Dayton. Here are the top three winners in the Best of Dayton 2018 contest for Best Soup:

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🏆WINNER: Dublin Pub World Famous Potato Soup 

300 Wayne Ave., Dayton | 937-224-7822 Website Facebook 

Maybe it’s not as photogenic and doesn’t glisten as well as a fluffy mound of mashed potatoes next to a Dub Pub steak. But the Pub knows the importance of good potato soup, and so do its customers. Get a cup of the good stuff for $4.99 or in a new soft pretzel breadbowl for $8.99. 

Steve Tieber, co-owner of the Dublin Pub. Pictured are three entrees: (clockwise from front) Guiness Beef Stew, the Black and Bleu Salad, and the Irish Dip sandwich with fries. STAFF/FILE

🏆SECOND PLACE:  Linh's Bistro Pho 

5532 Airway Road, Riverside | 937 252-1857 | WebsiteFacebook

One of Dayton’s favorite Asian restaurants specializes in pho, so this one did not surprise us. Linh’s pho is famous in the Miami Valley for good reason. The chicken pho is classic ($8.95 for dinner), and reporter Mark Fisher swears it holds medicinal properties. The spicy Sate Shrimp and Pork Soup ($9.95 for dinner) has a little more complex flavoring and packs a punch, even before you add all of the delicious trimmings (jalapenos, lime, cilantro, bean sprouts) that give pho that heavenly taste.

🏆THIRD PLACE: El Meson Chicken Tortilla Soup 

903 E. Dixie Drive, West Carrollton | 937-859-8229 | WebsiteFacebook

Bill Castro, co-owner of El Meson, sits in his restaurant's market area, where items including jewelry and pottery can be purchased. ALEXIS LARSEN/CONTRIBUTED

This traditional soup is packed with chicken, rice, hominy, avocado, cheese and spices served with tortilla strips and a small pitcher of broth on the side. It’s filling, flavorful, warm, delicious and priced right at $10 for a large bowl ($7 for a small bowl). This is a robust soup that’s packed with flavor, a great value for the money and one of the more interesting presentations you can enjoy when it comes to soup.