California couple get wedding day photo op with Keanu Reeves

Credit: Gary Gershoff

Credit: Gary Gershoff

A California couple got a wedding surprise as they prepared to recite their vows last weekend: A photo opportunity with actor Keanu Reeves, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

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Leslie Walker and Jarrod Camara of Santa Rosa saw Reeves at the bar of the Dream Inn in Santa Cruz before their wedding ceremony. Reeves was only too happy to oblige for a photo and struck a funny poses as Camara's mother, Darlette Hayman, snapped a photograph, the Chronicle reported.

According to Jordan Camara, the groom's brother and best man, the couple knew "We actually approached him while he was minding his own business at the bar and asked to meet and take a picture," Jordan Camara wrote on a Reddit subcategory called r/KeanuBeingAwesome. "We heard he was hanging out in the bar and we wanted to meet him obviously. He was awesome and shook our hands and took the pic with the bride and groom and we didn't see him again for the rest of the wedding. No 'crashing' involved at all."

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