Kettering photographer Ashley Jenkins took a selfie with actor Bradley Cooper after she and her husband spotted him at Dino's in Yellow Springs. (Photo: Ashley Jenkins) 

Why was Bradley Cooper in town... again? 

Why was Bradley Cooper in Yellow Springs again? 

What, if anything, are Cooper and Dave Chappelle up to? 

 Ashley Jenkins couldn't tell you. 

Really, she couldn't. 

"I was so starstruck I didn't ask," the Kettering photographer told us. "All I know is that I met Bradley Cooper." 

Jenkins and her husband Donny and two kids - a 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son  - spent the day at John Bryan State Park as they often do. 

The owner of Ashley Jenkins Photography took some photos during the family hike. 

Kettering photographer Ashley Jenkins met actor Bradley Cooper after seeing him at Dino's in Yellow Springs Saturday. Photo: Ashley Jenkins.

The couple and their kids stopped by Dino's Cappuccinos, 225 Xenia Ave., and spotted Chappelle. 

Great, but not that surprising.

"It wasn't like it was out of the ordinary," Jenkins said.

Chappelle lives on a farm just outside of Yellow Springs and Dino's is one of his stomping grounds.

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And here is where things got fangirly. 

"My husband whispered to me that 'that is Bradley Cooper with Dave Chappelle'," Jenkins recalled.

At her husband's urging, the 33-year-old's inner fangirl was unleashed when Cooper left the coffee shop. 

"When he gave me the green light, I was out the door," Jenkins said. 

She went up to Cooper outside of the coffee shop.

He did not disappoint visually or personality-wise, she said.

"Girl, he was so handsome," Jenkins said. "He is absolutely a beautiful person. He is gorgeous... I was such a fangirl."

She joked that if she would  have known she was going to meet a Hollywood A-lister, she would have worn some makeup and not have been in a knitted Timberland hat.

Jenkins complimented Cooper's work, which includes "American Sniper," "Silver Linings Playbook," "Joy," "American Hustle,"  "Hangover" and a recurring role on "Nip/Tuck."

"He was so normal and down to Earth," Jenkins said of their chat. 

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This was not Cooper's first visit to Yellow Springs

 Local residents danced their feet off earlier this month with a list of celebrities in the area for Chappelle's Juke Joint. That list included Cooper, rappers D-NiceTalib Kweli and Q-Tip, CBS News' Gayle King, model/actress Naomi Campbell, comedian Donnell Rawlings and magician David Blaine.

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It is not clear how long Cooper stayed in the Miami Valley. 

Saturday night, he was in New York, where he attended the "Saturday Night Live" after-party after surprising  Lady Gaga, the show's musical guest, backstage. 

Note: In the Lady Gaga  picture below, Cooper is in the same outfit he had on when he met Jenkins.

Cooper will star in "A Star is Born" with Gaga.  He is also directing the remake of the classic 1954 film revived in 1976 by Barbra Streisand. 

And that's not where the connection ends. 

Tom Hanks hosted Saturday's episode of SNL. 

Hanks was in the Dayton area in April to dedicate the Tom Hanks Center for Motion Pictures, which is part of the $27 million newly renovated and expanded Creative Arts Center at Wright State University.

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Hanks gave the Cleveland Indians a shout-out at the end of Saturday's SNL, saying "Go Tribe." 

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Hanks started his acting career in Cleveland at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival.