Health Inspections: Railroad Restaurant

Restaurant inspections.
Restaurant inspections.

Address: 629 S. Crawford St., Troy

Date of inspection: Aug. 18

Violations/comments: Person in charge was not able to show Level II Certification during inspection. At least one employee that has supervisory and management responsibility and the authority to direct and control food preparation and service shall obtain the Level II certification in food protection according to rule 3701-21-25 of the Administrative Code. Person in charge duties: ensure employees are informed in a verifiable manner of their responsibility to report their health information. This is a critical violation.

Repeat observation: Person in charge was not able to show illness reporting verification. To prevent transmission of food-borne illness, the person in charge shall ensure that food and conditional employees are informed in a verifiable manner of their responsibility to report information about their health as it relates to diseases that are transmissible through food.

Observed TCS foods were not properly thawed. Observed hamburger meat thawing in three-compartment sink bin. Corrected during inspection. Person in charge took the meat out and placed it in refrigeration. TCS food shall be thawed as required in this rule. Manual and mechanical warewashing equipment, chemical sanitization (Quaternary ammonium)-temp., pH, concentration, and hardness Observed Quaternary ammonium sanitizing solution did not minimum concentration during inspection. This is a critical violation. A Quaternary ammonium sanitizing solution shall: (a) Have a minimum temperature of 75F, (b) Have a concentration as specified and as indicated by the manufacturer’s use directions included in the labeling, (c) Be used only in water with 500 ppm (mg/I) hardness or less, or used in water having a hardness no greater than specified by the manufacturer’s label. Repeat observation: Observed food residual on the handles of equipment throughout food prep area. Nonfood-contact su1iaces of equipment shall be kept clean. Observed no hand washing sign posted at the hand washing sink in the food prep area. A sign or poster that notifies food employees to wash their hands shall be provided at all hand washing sinks used by food employees.

The physical facilities are not being maintained in good repair. Observed hole in the wall above FRP lining on the corner where the door leads to the back storage area. Repairing. The physical facilities shall be maintained in good repair.

Observed the presence of flies in the food prep area and gnats corning from below the mop sink in back storage area. To prevent illness, the presence of insects, rodents, and other pests shall be controlled by: Routinely inspecting incoming shipments of food and supplies; routinely inspecting the premises for evidence of pests; Using methods, if pests are found, such as trapping devices or pesticides used according section (C), (K) and (L) of rule 3717-1-07.1 of this code; and eliminating harborage conditions.