The Miami Valley is the exclusive test market for three chicken sandwiches added to the All Day Breakfast menu. Video by Connie Post

McDonald's testing chicken breakfast sandwiches exclusively in Miami Valley

You don’t have to get up when the rooster crows to try the new McDonald’s chicken breakfast sandwiches being tested exclusively in the Miami Valley.

The Chicken McGriddles (left), Chicken Biscuit (right) and Chicken McMuffin are being tested exclusively in the Miami Valley as part of the All Day Breakfast Menu.

Right now, the Chicken Biscuit, Chicken McMuffin and Chicken McGriddles are part of the All Day Breakfast menu. 

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Each of the sandwiches costs $2. As for calorie count, the Chicken McMuffin is the most waist-friendly of the bunch at 310 calories. Only a handful of items on the regular breakfast menu -- the Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait, Egg McMuffin, Egg White Delight McMuffin, Hash Browns and Sausage Burrito -- have fewer calories. The Chicken McGriddles (soft griddle cakes sweetened with the taste of maple syrup) is 390 calories while the Chicken Biscuit is 430 calories – both still less than the majority of the regular breakfast items.

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The team was eager to try the new sandwiches first thing during our morning meeting. 

“I liked the chicken and biscuit paired together,” Michelle Fong said. “The chicken was a little too spicy for my own personal taste, but I think most people would like the sandwiches.” 

“My favorite is the McGriddles, with its sweet and savory play,” Tabatha Wharton said. “It satisfies my morning sweet tooth without compromising the protein.” 

I tried the Chicken Biscuit with a little honey, and boy was it yummy. Later in the day, I’d recommend a little mayo instead of honey, and maybe a side of fries. 

The breading on the chicken contains a peppery spice blend that indeed is a bit peppy. 

You can try all three sandwiches at any of the McDonald's in the Miami Valley market, which includes Dayton and Montgomery County; parts of Greene and Warren counties; Van Wert, Mercer, Darke, Preble, Logan, Champaign counties; and Wayne County, Indiana. 

“The test will continue to go on until we have strong consumer feedback and data,” said Claire Chick, senior account executive at Fahlgren Mortine, a marketing and communications firm working with McDonald’s.