Dayton Pokemon expert shares his top tips

If you want to learn how to play Pokemon Go, ask an expert.

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So, where do you find at an expert? Parks are a good place to start.

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“There’s really no information about the game,” said Aaron Tillack of Centerville. He and his brother, Jacob Gonzales, were among the dozens of people who’d gathered at RiverScape MetroPark on Thursday evening looking for Pokemon, PokeStops and Gyms.  

“We go to Delco (Park) a lot and we heard that this is another good spot for Pokemon,” he said.

Tillack downloaded the app on July 6, the day it was released in the United States, and is already at Level 20. He has a job and said he only plays for a couple hours each evening after work.

“Everybody has to communicate to get the information out,” Tillack said. “Which is good because we’ve learned there’s lots of tricks to the game.”

“The more people are around playing the game, the better Pokemon gets,” Gonzoles said.

“The higher the level the people around, the higher the level the Pokemon that are going to show up,” Tillack added.

Here's a top tip Tillack offered:

Play the game in maps mode rather than augmented reality. In maps, he said, players don’t have to get as close to Poke Stops to collect balls and eggs and that it’s easier to catch Pokemon in this mode. "There's no reason to trespass," he said about Poke Stops that might be on private property.

Plus, Tillack claimed that playing the game in maps mode doesn’t drain his smartphone battery as quickly as in augmented reality.

I had downloaded the app a little while before I met Tillack. Shortly afterwards, I was already at Level 2.